Managing integrated Card Payment Terminals

AccentPOS supports integration with selected card machines which automatically send the chosen amount to the device. This removes the need for manual reconciliation at the end of the shift.

The AccentPOS in-house application supports counter-top and mobile card terminals. Your AccentPOS account manager will discuss options with you during the initial consulation and will assist with the ordering and configuration of the devices. If you are an existing AccentPOS customer, and would like to take advantage of integrated payments, please contact us.

Managing Terminals

  1. Tap Orders.

  2. Tap an existing order.

  3. Tap Checkout.

  4. Hold Card for approximately 1 second.

  5. An alert will appear with the following options; Paired Terminals, Add new, Disconnect, Cancel.

Terminal Configuration inside the AccentPOS Application

Paired Terminals

This is a list of Terminals that have already been paired in your Restaurant. The Terminals are displayed with an 12-digit number which identifies the Terminal. When a new Terminal is paired with an iPad in your Restaurant, the Terminal will appear on all the iPads in that Restaurant, there is no need to pair Terminals on each iPad.

Tap an id number to select and connect to that Terminal. The id number can be found on the back of the Terminal, near the top of the device. All id numbers should start with "117".

Add new

Tap here to add a new Terminal to the databse for your Restaurant. You will need to input the 12-digit id number which can be found on the back of the Terminal, near the top of the device. All id numbers should start with "117". Please make sure the Terminal is on and connected to the network.

Add a new Terminal to the Database


Tap here to dicsonnect from the Terminal. You will need to do this if you want to process a transaction manually. Once disconnected, the Terminal will be automatically reconnected when the iPad returns to the home screen of the AccentPOS application.

For help and support with the integrated Terminals, please contact us.