Ethernet receipt printer

Using a Star Micronics Ethernet Printer (TSP100LAN, mC-Print3 etc.) you can print from multiple iPads without disconnecting.

The Ethernet Printer is useful for an outlet that runs all its devices on the same local network, as you can print from multiple iPads without the need for disconnecting cables or bluetooth connections.

The Ethernet Printer will not work with iPads that use or swtich between multiple different networks, such as the 4G celluar connection. For these type of connections, we suggest using a Bluetooth or USB Printer.

To connect an Ethernet Printer:

Make sure the Printer is plugged in using the correct power adapter.

  1. Turn the power on. The printer should display a solid light at the front.

  2. If necessary, load the printer with a suitable receipt roll.

  3. If any of the front lights are flashing, you have an error. Please refer to the Star Micronics LED error codes to troubleshoot.

  4. Now, connect the Printer to your wireless router using an Ethernet cable.

  5. Once the printer is connected to the network, launch the AccentPOS application.

  6. Sign in to the application.

  7. Tap on 'no printer' in the status bar (bottom right) or 'connect printer' from the settings cog (top left).

  8. Your printer should appear in the list.

  9. You can tap 'test print' to check the printer is working.

  10. Tap on your printer model.

Your Printer is configured and ready to use inside the AccentPOS application.

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