The order view can be accessed by tapping the Bag icon in the toolbar or by selecting the order type from the side menu.

In the order view, you can select an order type from the bottom (Dine in, Quick sale or Takeaway). Here you can view existing orders that have not been finalised, update orders, make payments and more.

If an order has items that are waiting to be served from the kitchen or bar, the order will be green and Ready will be displayed in the bottom right.

Order items are displayed on the right-hand side. Items have different states depending on their status:

  • White: the item has been ordered but is not ready and has not been served

  • Green: the items are ready to be collected from the kitchen or bar

  • Grey: the items have been served (finalised)

Once all items in an order have been served or finalised and the order is fully paid, it will disappear from the orders view and be retrievable in the Cash-out until a Z report is performed

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