AccentPOS has a flexible discount feature for adding either percentage (%) or monetary (£) discounts to orders.

Discounts are recorded on each transaction for traceability

Only location managers can add discounts

To add a discount to an order:

  1. Locate the order you want to discount

  2. Tap the menu icon in the top right of the orders screen

  3. Tap 'Discounts'

  4. Tap 'Add discount'

  5. Provide a discount reason and tap continue

  6. Select a discount type; percentage (%) or monetary (£)

  7. Enter the amount and tap either 'Select items' or 'Add' (depending on the type)

  8. If you add a percentage discount, the system will ask you to choose which categories or items you would like to discount. This feature is particularly flexible for locations that wish to offer discounts on only certain items

  9. The discount is applied to the order and the new total is displayed

  10. The tax for the order is recalculated to reflect the discount

  11. You can delete the discount before the order is paid by tapping discounts again and swiping from right to left

You can only add one type of discount to an order. You cannot combine percentage and monetary discounts

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