Organisation admins can add and edit menus or allow location managers to do it by giving them permission in the location settings

To create a new menu, sign in to the Hub, then click on 'Menus':

  1. Click 'Create menu'

  2. Add a name and description for the menu

  3. Choose which order types can access the menu (Dine in, Quick Sale, Takeaway). You can select all three

  4. Select the availability times of the menu. By default, new menus are set to available all day

  5. Click 'Next', then confirm the information

  6. Click 'Create'

Menus can be made active or inactive at any time by clicking edit and toggling the 'Active' switch

Organisations can have mulitple menus active and choose between them in the app

When you view a menu, you will see the dish and drink categories inside the menu. To create a new dish or drink category:

  1. Click 'Create dish/drink category'

  2. Add a name and choose a colour for the category

  3. Click 'Next', confrim the information

  4. Click 'Create'

When you view a category, you will see the dishes or drinks inside the category. To create a new dish or drink item:

  1. Click 'Create dish/drink'

  2. Add a name and description to the dish

  3. Add new tags or choose from existing tags. Tags are optional and can be used to filter menu items in the app. For example, you could have a category or drinks with tags of soft drinks, beers, spirits etc.

  4. Enter the price of the dish

  5. Check the tax rate and adjust if necessary. Tax rate is prefilled from the organisation settings.

  6. Enter a prep time (optional). Prep times are displayed in the kitchen and bar live view

  7. Enable bypass kitchen/bar if you don't want the item to appear in the live view. This setting should be selected if you don't intend to use a prep view

  8. Enable auto serve when ready if you want the item to disappear when it is marked as ready by the kitchen or bar. If disabled, the item will remain in the live view until it is marked as served by the waiter or manager in the front of house

  9. Choose to make the dish inactive if you do not want it to appear in the app

  10. Click 'Next'

  11. Add modifiers. Modifiers can have a price and individual tax rate, e.g. for adding toppings to a pizza. Modifiers are optional

  12. Click 'Next'

  13. Assign allergens to the item by checking the relevant boxes, then use the '>' arrow to confirm

  14. Click 'Next'

  15. Check the information, then click 'Create'

When items have been added or modified, you must reload the menus in the app by tapping the settings cog (top left) and tapping reload menus

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