Kitchen live view

The kitchen live view is accessible to location managers, head chefs and chefs. The view clearly shows orders that need to be prepared, along with other information such as the table number and number of covers for Dine in orders, order number, type, prep time and number of items.

Select an order type from the bottom of the app

Head chefs and chefs can mark categories or items as ready by tapping 'Ready' on the appropriate order, where they can then select either whole categories or individual items to mark as ready by tapping either 'Serve all' or 'Serve selected'.

When dishes are marked as ready, they will turn orange and remain in the view until they are marked as served (either by a waiter or automatically by the system if the option is enabled).

The collated view can be accessed at any time and displays a list of all dishes awaiting preperation for quick reference and reduced wastage when preparing the same items across many orders.

Once all the dishes on an order have been served, the order will disappear

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