Making a quick sale order

To make a new quick sale order, tap 'New quick sale' from the Home screen.

Your menu will be displayed. Categories are displayed at the top from the first active menu. To change the menu, tap 'Change menu' at the top of the screen.

Choose a category, the tags for the category will appear below. Choose a tag to filter the category and tap the category again to remove the filter.

Add items to the order. For items with modifiers, the modifiers will appear when the item is tapped. Select a modifier or tap 'Confirm' if no modifiers are required.

For items with allergens, the allergens will appear in the modifier box. For items with allergens but no modifiers, hold the item to see the allergens assigned to it. You can quickly see if an item has modifiers and allergens by looking for the relevant icon in the bottom left of the item box. '+' means the item has modifiers, '!' means the item has allergens.

Continue to add items to the order. Swipe an item from right to left to change the modifiers, add notes, change the quantity or delete the item.

Adding notes can be useful if the customer makes a special request. Notes are displayed in the kitchen or bar and also on the printed tickets and receipts

If you have more than one of the same item in the order, the system will ask if you want to change all of them, or just one

Once you have added all the items to the order, either make a payment or tap 'Place order' to create the order for future payment.

After creating a quick sale order, the screen will remain in the view so that you can quickly make another order

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