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All of the most frequently asked questions and support articles. Yours is probably here too!

I have Wi-Fi and connectivity issues

If your Wi-Fi is not working, please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for support, we can offer suggestions, but it is better to be connected directly to the ISP.

If there are areas within your establishment that have a weak signal from your Wi-Fi router, we suggest the use of professional range extenders to ensure full coverage. Our Installations team can arrange for the installation of range extenders and/or Wi-Fi routers and give you advice about how to maintain a high-performance and secure network.

For maximum functionality within the AccentPOS system, we recommend opting for a professional business package with a reputable ISP.

In rare cases, it may not be possible to ensure a reliable Wi-Fi connection in your establishment. This does not make it impossible for you to use AccentPOS. We have a number of alternative and cost-effective solutions in this case which can be discussed with your AccentPOS expert during your consultation.

I have a problem with connecting the Star Micronics printer

If your printer should be connected via Bluetooth, please ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on the correct iPad before following this guide to pairing and connecting the printer.

Each Bluetooth printer can only be connected to one iPad at any one time. If you wish to pair the printer with another iPad, please reset the printer by holding the “PAIR” button for at least four seconds, at which time the LED light at the back of the printer should start flashing. Then follow the guide to pairing and connecting the printer.

If your printer should be connected via the Lightning cable, please ensure that the cable is correctly attached to the iPad and the printer before following the guide to connecting the printer.

For more support during business hours, please contact Star Micronics Customer Support on +44 (0)1494 471111.

You can also contact us for support.

My Star Micronics printer keeps dropping it's Bluetooth connection

If you are using a Bluetooth printer, such as the TSP650III, there is an option called Auto Connect that needs to be switched on in order for the printer to hold the connection to the iPad at all times.

If your printer keeps disconnecting, it's propbably because Auto Connect is switched off.

To enable Auto Connect:

  1. Download Star Setting Utility from the App Store on the iPad that is connected to the printer.

  2. Launch Star Setting Utility.

  3. A list of available printers will appear, tap the desired printer.

  4. Set the Auto Connect Switch to on (Green).

  5. Tap Done in the top right corner and select Update.

  6. Turn the printer off, then back on again.

  7. Reconnect the printer.

  8. The printer will now remain connected as long as the iPad has Bluetooth enabled and is in range of the printer.

Your printer will disconnect if your iPad is out of range or if Bluetooth is disabled. With the Auto Connect option, it will reconnect automatically.

Star Micronics Printer errors

Please click here for access to the Star Micronics Support Database.

For more support during business hours, please contact Star Micronics Customer Support on +44 (0)1494 471111.

You can also contact us for support.

My Cash Drawer is not opening

The Star Micronics Cash Drawer must be connected using the cable attached to the Printer in order to work via the AccentPOS application. Please ensure that the earth lead is also fixed using the small screw at the back of the printer, next to the port for the cash drawer cable.

The printer must be properly paired with the correct iPad in order for the cash drawer to open. Please refer to the guide for help with pairing the relevant Star Micronics printer:

pageBluetooth receipt printerpageLightning receipt printer

Your AccentPOS installation team will ensure that this is complete, but if you decide to install yourself, we will be more than happy to assist you. Please contact us for help.

If the cash drawer is still failing to open, our team will help you to resolve the situation with Star Micronics.

I cannot sign in to the AccentPOS iPad application

If you can launch the application but cannot successfully sign in, please check that your device is connected to the internet.

If you still cannot sign in, please check that you are using the correct credentials. The username and password required for this are the same as your details for the AccentPOS Online Hub.

If you have forgotten or misplaced your credentials, please use the Hub to reset your password

I cannot sign in to the AccentPOS Online Hub

You can access the AccentPOS Online Hub using the following link:

If you can access the Hub but cannot successfully sign in, please check that you are using the correct credentials. The username and password required for this are the same as your details for the AccentPOS iPad application.

If you have forgotten your credentials, you can click forgot password in the Hub to reset it.

My iPad is not synchronising with my other devices

If your iPad is not synchronising, for example orders are not appearing inside the AccentPOS application, this could be happening for one of two reasons:

  • The device is not connected to the internet.

  • Your authentication token has expired. Please sign out then sign in again.

There are missing transactions in the Cash Out section of the AccentPOS application

Once a transaction is fully paid and completed, it will appear in the Cash Out section for reference.

If a transaction is not appearing as expected, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • The transaction has not been fully paid and still exists in the Orders section.

  • The device is not connected to the internet.

If the transaction is still missing, please reset the application:

  1. Double click the home button.

  2. Swipe the AccentPOS application up until it disappears from the screen.

  3. Relaunch the application and check for the missing transaction.

Can I restrict access to certain features of the iPad, for example the Internet Browser?

Yes, you can block certain features on the iPad such as Safari (internet browser), FaceTime, installing new applications and more.

  1. Launch the Settings app

  2. Tap on General

  3. Tap on Restrictions

  4. Tap on Enable Restrictions if they are not already enabled

  5. Enter a passcode that will be used to enable and disable the restrictions

  6. Toggle the switch of the features you want to restrict

We suggest that the manager retains the passcode in a secure location in order to reactivate these features if necessary.

My iPad is unresponsive

If your iPad becomes unresponsive please take the following steps:

  1. Restart the iPad: press and hold down the button on the top of the iPad (sleep button) for a few seconds. A red bar should appear on the screen. Slide this across to turn off the iPad. Press the sleep button to restart it.

  2. If that is unsuccessful, hold down the sleep button along with the home button at the same time for 10 seconds, the iPad should restart.

If these steps are both unsuccessful, please contact Apple Support.

My iPad will not turn on

If your iPad will not turn on, please take the following steps:

  1. Press and hold the sleep button along with the home button for at least 45 seconds.

  2. If the iPad does not turn on, plug it into a wall outlet using the correct adapter and wait 15 minutes.

Please ensure to use the correct charging adapter for each device. Failure to do so can result in a damaged battery that will require replacement.

If the two steps above are unsuccessful, please contact Apple Support.

My iPad is not charging properly

If your device charges slowly or won’t charge:

  1. Check your charging cable and USB adapter for signs of damage, like breakage or bent prongs. Don’t use damaged accessories.

  2. Use a wall power outlet and check for firm connections between your charging cable, USB wall adapter, and wall outlet, or try a different outlet.

  3. Remove any debris from the charging port on the bottom of your device, then firmly plug your charging cable into your device. If the charging port is damaged, please contact Apple Support (

  4. Let your device charge for half an hour.

  5. Force your iPad to restart (hold down the sleep button along with the home button at the same time for 10 seconds, the iPad should restart).

  6. Let your iPad charge for another half an hour.

If your iPad still won’t charge, please contact Apple Support to arrange a repair.

One of my iPads or Star Micronics devices is damaged, and I need to organise a repair/replacement

We recommend using protective cases for all your iPads. We can suggest options during the consultation.

Please keep your devices away from water, steam and extreme heat. Our installation team can advise you about iPad placement in busy, hot environments such as kitchens.

If your hardware is financed or leased with our partner company, Bluestar Leasing, please contact them to arrange a repair or replacement.

If not, please contact Apple Support directly for iPad repairs/replacements. We are unable to act on your behalf because the devices are owned by you.

In any case, please contact us for support and we will guide you through the process, including for repairs or replacement of Star Micronics devices.

I have a new iPad, can I use the AccentPOS application on it?

Yes! Please click here for help with installing the application.

If your new iPad is to be used by a new member of staff, you will need to configure a new user in the AccentPOS Online Hub.

Is there a maximum number of users?

The AccentPOS monthly packages are inclusive of all required software licences.

Your AccentPOS account manager will discuss requirements with you during the onboarding process, but there is no charge for adding more devices to your establishment. Simply create as many users as you need using the AccentPOS Online Hub!

I have identified an issue with the AccentPOS application or the Online Hub

If you have identified an issue or bug within the AccentPOS system, we want to know about it! Please email your feedback to us.

We release regular updates to our systems to please ensure to keep your devices updated.

Please see the guide for help with updating your devices.

I’m interested in AccentPOS, but I’d like to know how it will benefit my individual business

If you have a restaurant, café, bar or other hospitality business, we’re sure that we can benefit you in a number of ways. Our website contains detailed sector-based information about our unique features, but the best way to see the benefits is to arrange a free consultation with one our AccentPOS experts.

During the consultation, our team will talk through the features of the system with you, and also give you a personalised demonstration, allowing you to see the system in your familiar environment. We can make suggestions based on your business and help you to thrive. Most importantly, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy using AccentPOS as much as we do!

Do you have a 24/7 technical support team?

Yes! Our technical team work around the clock to ensure that our systems are working as they should. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, we will be on hand to fix it as quickly as possible. Due to the nature of our system, a problem in our system is likely to be picked up by our team instantly, and in most cases, it will be resolved without the need for you to make contact.

If you’re having a localised issue, such as a hardware fault, be sure to contact us and we’ll do our best to assist.

We respond to all support enquiries within 24 hours.

Severe issues that affect ordinary operation will be responded to within 3 hours.

I’d like assistance with the installation of fixed brackets

One of the many benefits of the AccentPOS system is the quick, easy installation and configuration process, but our installation team are available night and day to assist with installation of any aspect of the AccentPOS system. Click here for more information.

Contact us to arrange a visit from one of our friendly advisors.

I am opening another establishment and would like to use AccentPOS

Great news! Using the AccentPOS Online Hub, you can quickly and easily configure your new business using your administrator login. Just contact your account manager to arrange setting up the new business, and we’ll take you through our step-by-step process!

I have a question about Billing or Payments

If your question relates to billing via our partner finance provider, Bluestar Leasing, please visit their support site or contact your Relationship Manager from Bluestar Leasing.

For all other enquiries, please contact us.

I have a suggestion/complaint

The team here at AccentPOS are continually striving to improve our service daily. If you have a suggestion or complaint, we’d love to hear it! Please contact us to give your feedback. All feedback is carefully monitored.

I’d like to refer a business to the AccentPOS community

If you’re already an AccentPOS customer, please get in touch with your account manager directly to refer another business to the community. If not, please contact us to discuss your referral. We appreciate your loyalty and commitment to our business.

How do I stay up-to-date with new releases from AccentPOS?

We’d love for you to join our community! Please check our AccentPOS website regularly and follow us on Facebook to be notified of our new releases!

My orders are not disappearing from the orders screen when they are paid. Tables are not resetting

This is becuase there are items (either food or drinks) waiting to be served in either the kitchen or bar view. Orders do not disappear until everything in the order is served. You can bypass the kitchen and/or bar view entirely if you do not use the feature. Just go into the Hub and select Bypass kitchen or Bypass bar for the relevant items in the menu.

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