Zettle setup

If you don't have a Zettle account, sign up for one here or contact us to request an account if your turnover is over £5,000 per month.

If Zettle is enabled in your location settings, Zettle settings will be available from the settings cog in the AccentPOS app.

Tap 'Zettle settings' to sign in to your Zettle account.

Sign in to your account, then tap 'Card readers'.

The system may ask for permission to use Bluetooth, you must allow it in order for the connection to be established with the Zettle reader.

Your Zettle readers will display in the list, tap on one, then confirm the passcode that appears on the reader by pressing the green button on the reader.

Tap 'I can't see my reader' for support if your reader is not appearing.

Once configured, the Zettle reader will be activated when you make a card payment

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