An integral part of AccentPOS, notifications keep everyone up-to-date inside the establishment.
Notifications, also known as APNs (Automatic Push Notifications) are an integral part of the AccentPOS system. Notifications allow every member of staff to be updated in real time when an order is ready for collection, as well as for other purposes such as ensuring all devices are updated for available tables.
Notifications for the AccentPOS application will appear even if the application is not open, or if the iPad is asleep. This means you can still be updated at all times.
When you open the AccentPOS iPad application for the first time, you will be asked permission for the application to send you notifications. It is vital that you tap Allow, because if not, your iPad will not update in real time and you will not receive communication from other devices. If you tap Don’t Allow, you will have to delete and re-install the application.
Last modified 2yr ago
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